I still haven’t scanned my drawings and prints from the second workshop – sorry! I’ll try to get around to it very soon. Meanwhile, I want to tell my readers (if I have any) about a blog and a giveaway. Green Isle Crafts is one of my regular blog-visiting stops. Tee posts tips, journal prompts (well, art prompts, really, not just for journalling), videos and step-by-step descriptions of how she made each featured page. Today I had two “oh, of course!” moments while watching the video – when she made a very simple torn paper stencil which gave a very informal effect, and when she used a piece of ‘retired’ bubble mailer for bubble wrap printing, which looks a lot easier than dealing with loose floppy pieces of bubble wrap.

I mentioned a book giveaway in the post title. Tee is giving a copy of “Surface Treatment Workshop: Explore 45 Mixed-Media Techniques” by McElroy and Duran-Wilson. I’ve been browsing the Look Inside on Amazon, and it seems very interesting. All you need to do to enter is comment on this blog post. That’s well worth the effort for a chance to win, and I hope that after checking out Tee’s blog, you’ll become a regular reader like me.

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