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I’ve been trying to get my crafting mojo back, with semi-success. I even got out the bag with my Icarus shawl – just got the bag out, haven’t re-started knitting it yet. :-(

However, I did make another ‘tiny book’, this time using a Blizzard Book kit I got from Etsy. The only one the seller had available had yellow and pink cover paper – not a colour combination I like, but I wanted the instructions more than the paper. Here it is as made up from the kit, and then re-covered with ginburi momigami paper which I love (wrinkled, with silver and gold flakes):

The Blizzard Book structure was devised by Hedi Kyle when she was trapped inside during a blizzard, hence the name. The spine and cover are each folded from a single piece of paper, with no glueing, and the stiffer pages just slip into the pockets in the spine, so they can be removed if wanted. The pages which came with the kit seemed a little too small to fit in the pockets securely enough, so I replaced those too. The finished book is 1.5? square, with the pages just slightly smaller. These pictures show the structure better:

Lastly, I’ve finally gave in and bought volumes 1 to 3 of Keith Smith’s bookbinding books (the ‘bibles’ of non-adhesive bindings) and his “Bookbinding for Book Artists”, so watch for future experiments posted here.

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