Filed Under (Fibre and textile crafts) by jennyk on 19-06-2010

The local guild of artists has its annual studio tour this weekend, and we decided we could spare a few hours this afternoon to visit some of the venues. The quilters guild had fewer quilts on display than in earlier years, and they were heavily dominated by one particular artist, but she is very good and I loved looking at her quilts. There were some interesting printmakers and one portrait artist had some very good small pencil portraits but she also had some large pencil drawings of other subjects from her trip to Kathmandu – some of her older work is on the trail web site. I particularly like when the artists have their sketchbooks or notebooks available for us, as I often learn much more by looking at those than by looking at their finished work.

We bought some books, cards and a poster from local publishers Two Rivers Press, and some cards from one of the printmakers, but our last purchases were examples of a different art …

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