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My own knitting has been going well, though slowly. I have almost finished a pair of Regia socks, as they have been my mindless knitting while visiting my mother in hospital (mainly on the journeys to and fro). As she isn’t likely to go home for a while yet, I needed to set up my next ‘car knitting’ project, so I’ve started on the yarn from the dyed sock blank. I have finished one toe, but as I’ve not used this yarn before and I didn’t swatch (bad Jenny!), I may have to do a bit of ripping after a couple more inches to adjust the number of stitches. At least I’ll have something to keep my fingers busy, so I won’t mind too much if that happens.


Diane on 20 April, 2010 at 2:56 pm #

I had the same thing happen but with my dog. I just lost my cat of 20 yrs last week and it really hurts.

jennyk on 20 April, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

I’m sorry, Diane, I know how bad that feels. 20 years is a good age for a cat. You must have looked after her/him very well. Our Wysi is almost 17 now, but I hope she will manage a few more years yet.

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