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I tried the Thing-a-Day challenge in February but only managed to complete something on 10 days (17 items total), and that was a struggle. Too many of the things I like to make require more than a day. I was visiting a new-to-me blog today, Myrna Wacknov’s “Creativity Journey”, and the header describes her personal challenge, which is to “work on my art every day and create a minimum of 2 finished pieces each week.” That seems a more manageable challenge than the Thing-a-Day, so I might try to do something similar once I get past the project which is currently bogging me down, and once my mother is out of hospital and we get into some sort of routine.


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My own knitting has been going well, though slowly. I have almost finished a pair of Regia socks, as they have been my mindless knitting while visiting my mother in hospital (mainly on the journeys to and fro). As she isn’t likely to go home for a while yet, I needed to set up my next ‘car knitting’ project, so I’ve started on the yarn from the dyed sock blank. I have finished one toe, but as I’ve not used this yarn before and I didn’t swatch (bad Jenny!), I may have to do a bit of ripping after a couple more inches to adjust the number of stitches. At least I’ll have something to keep my fingers busy, so I won’t mind too much if that happens.

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The challenge is to go through April without buying any new craft materials, tools or supplies, in honour of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. I did buy a craft book yesterday, but I’m claiming that doesn’t count as a tool or supply. We are also supposed to make at least one new project this month entirely from our stash. Well, I have a suitable one planned for as soon as I finish my most urgent current project, so that shouldn’t be a problem. However, I have no self-control where craft supplies are concerned, so wish me luck!

Between still not feeling well myself and having to deal with the situation with my mother, I haven’t got much done over the past few weeks, but I have finally got around to unravelling the sock blank I dyed back in February at the Procion MX workshop. It had been knitted with 2 strands of yarn held together (one for each sock) so as I unravelled it, I made it into 2 loose piles. The yarn was very curly after being dyed and washed as knitted fabric, so I had to wind it into skeins and steam them before I could wind them into balls.

One re-wound, one to go ...