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I have signed up  for the Unofficial-Thing-a-Day 2010 challenge.  This is (as it says) an unofficial version of the original Thing-a-Day 2010 challenge.  A group of friends aren’t happy with the official challenge this year so we have set up our own version.  The idea is to try to create something each day through February.  Most of us don’t expect to achieve that, but we hope the challenge will push us to create more than we would have done without it.  If it works well, we may try to keep it up, perhaps in a modified form, throughout 2010.

My eagle-eyed readers will no doubt have spotted that it is now just past 2am UK time on February 2nd and this is my first posted ‘creation’.  I could use the excuse that my scanner refused to co-operate and delayed this post (which is true), or I could say that it is still February 1st on the UTAD blog, but the truth is, I didn’t finish until after midnight.  Oh well, I am sure it won’t be the last time during UTAD that I will post late.

So, late but still my first UTAD entry, and a very small one at that, I present to you a small sewn swap card, using fabric scraps (as usual, click to see a larger photo) …

small sewn card #1

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