Filed Under (Dyeing, Fibre and textile crafts) by jennyk on 26-02-2010

The dyeing from Sunday’s Procion MX workshop did not dry till Tuesday, and it has taken me until today to remember about it in daylight and get a photo.  In the morning, we had done the dyeing for the samples, and our teacher Debbie had demonstrated some techniques for multi-colour dyeing.  In the afternoon, we got the chance to try whichever we wanted, and this is what I did:

On the left is a hank of dip-dyed superwash merino/nylon sock yarn.  It was just an afterthought when I found I had a little time left at the end of the afternoon.  It didn’t work out quite as planned, as the pink was stronger than I had intended and the yarn ‘grabbed’ the dye very quickly so there wasn’t enough left to give the gentle transition between the colours.  I might overdye the almost-white sections with more pink but I’ll probably just leave them as they are.

The  middle item is a sock blank, as explained here.  Again, the colours didn’t work out quite as I planned, but I am happy with it.  It will probably become socks for me.  [Edited to add: each row of the blank contains approximately 44-45" of yarn.]

The two pieces of printed cotton were just an experiment to see how the colours worked over existing patterning.  The standard 1% dye solution was not strong enough so I had use too much.  It still didn’t give the depth of colour I wanted and the colours on the larger piece merged together too much.  I need some more experimentation with that.

I have been distracted this week, but I do have another project started.  I probably will not have a picture of that until at least Sunday, even though it is only a small project.