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I tried to post this yesterday, but the silly site refused to let me upload a picture instead of just linking to Flickr as I usually do.  It turned out to be a linux problem, and I struggle with those, so it took me until today to fix it.

snowy streetThis was the view from the front of the house yesterday. I’d post a photo from today but it still looks very much the same.  “They” are still saying don’t drive unless your journey is essential, so DH’s office was closed today, but he walked into town to buy a power lead for his work laptop so he can work at home tomorrow if necessary.


fleaSha on 7 January, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

I know its just a street with cars and snow, but I think its beautiful!
We hardly ever get snow. I’d love to look out the window of my house and see a scene such as this. But then I’d only want it to last a week. No more than that.

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