Filed Under (Ramblings) by jennyk on 20-02-2011

When you think things can’t get worse, they probably can … it took us another couple of weeks to get over that nasty virus, and then my mother got worse again, and then had a fall, and then she died almost 4 weeks ago. I try to remind myself that she was 90, she had multiple health issues, she had been ready to go since last summer, and at last she is no longer in pain. The funeral was 10 days ago, so now I’m trying to get used to life without her.

The past 18 months had largely revolved around her, and the anxiety had stopped me doing almost anything creative, but she loved to see the results of my crafting, so I know she would want me to get back to it as soon as I can. We went to the spinning & weaving guild monthly meeting today (Saturday – though strictly speaking it is Sunday here now) – more of that in a later post, probably. I’ve also signed up for two drawing workshops, one next month and one in April. That’s scary!!!

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