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I’ve been too busy to spend much time doing so, though, so I still haven’t decided whether to move the blog or stay here, or worked out why I can’t place photos where I want on this blog when I used to be able to do that. Oh well, in the meantime I’ve been making more mini-books, but I’ve also made a couple of notebooks – a small one with polymer clay covers for myself and a bigger one for a swap. I need to write them up here too.

swap-bot logo I keep referring to my swaps at swap-bot, but I don’t have a link to the site on my sidebars. I really ought to put one there, but there is no point until I decide where I am going to continue blogging. Swap-bot is a great site, with something for almost everybody. I usually swap handmade items and craft supplies, but there are also swaps for bought items and various types of ‘writing’ swaps. I host a monthly series of quotecard swaps (just a favourite quote on a postcard) and I have received a lot of interesting chocolate from other countries through tag games, in which you tag someone who is offering something you want, and then offer items you can send to the person who posts after you. I’d never have known how good Scandinavian chocolate is without those tags, and I’ve also fallen for some US chocolate I can’t get here.

I also spend a lot of (too much?) time on the swap-bot forums. The ‘public’ forums are open to any member and can get a bit rough at times, like any public forum, but there are a lot of fun and/or informative threads too. There are also group forums for particular topics and many which are just for groups or friends (or friends-to-be), and those are usually peaceful places and very supportive. I’ve learnt a huge amount from the forums, and I also blame them for seducing me into new crafts like bookbinding.

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I’m pondering what to do about this incarnation of my blog. I haven’t really got comfortable with WordPress, and there would be advantages to switching to Blogger. On the other hand, I like having it here under my own control.

Meantime, here’s a fun contest with a prize of a pair of ugg boots, no less. Just visit the Whooga Boots website.