Filed Under (Paper crafts/ATCs/"Art") by jennyk on 30-05-2007

I had planned to spend part of today trying out paint effects on paper, but I decided to try using rubber stamps (commercial and improvised) first and I had so much fun I didn’t get around to the paint at all.  Here are the results.  As usual, click for a larger version.

 Paper 1

The lines in the bottom section of the lefthand paper were meant to represent grass.  I am not sure that worked.  The top section of the right-hand one has extra shapes (actually capital Ss) but I wasn’t sure whether that was an improvement or not, so I left the lower part as it was.

Paper 1

Paper 1

The paler pink papers are sponged rather than stamped, as was the ground for the green paper in the first picture.

All the pieces of paper are about half A4/US letter size.


Opal on 31 May, 2007 at 2:29 am #

I love the purples.