Filed Under (Spinning) by jennyk on 14-03-2005

… that we go to a Wingham Wools sampling day. Well, that is our excuse for buying so much in one day. Wingham bring a vanload of fibres of oh-so-many types, some yarn and equipment and various other stuff, enough to fill a hall, and then a horde of avid spinners descend on them and strip the place almost bare.

We bought a lot of natural silk tops to dye, replenishing the stock I’ve gradually used up over the past year, and some silk filament for experimentation. Most of the other fibre I bought was as presents for friends. I got some merino/silk top (back and centre) and space-dyed silk top (front and right):


and merino top and pencil roving:


and Rys bought some merino pencil roving for himself:

R merino.jpg

That brightly coloured tangle of merino top is for teaching at demonstrations. It is easier to get kids (and many adults) to have a try if we have nice bright roving for them to use, so we rummaged among the balls ot top and pulled off arm-lengths of the brightest ones. It was fun!!!

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