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I’ve been working on a gift for a friend. In case she looks at my blog before she receives the gift, I’m putting the details and pictures in the extended entry. If you think it might be for you, don’t click!!!

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The only fibre-related present I got this birthday is a Bosworth Moosie, but I’m not complaining as if I’m going to get only one, a Moosie is a good choice!

Mine is 28g (1 oz) and has a Cochin rosewood shaft. It isn’t easy to get pictures that show the markings well. Click on the side views for larger pictures.


Most of my other presents were paperback novels, plus one DVD set, but Rys also gave me this beautiful little fossil, only 1.2″ across:


Lastly, I have a better picture of the mini-socks, which shows the colours better. I’m still trying to decide whether to make them into earrings or just add cords to make them into ornaments.


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Earlier this month, I finished a pair of socks for a friend, but I didn’t want to post pictures here until she had received them. She has them now, so here they are (pictured before washing, and not on Ann’s feet):

Anns sock.jpg

Here is a close-up of the faux plaited cable, actually a slipped stitch ‘cable’ from Barbara Walker’s first Treasury, p108:

Anns sock detail.jpg

The yarn is Super Sport Strumpf wool/nylon, given to me long ago by a kind Knitlister living in Germany. It has been maturing in my stash waiting for the perfect recipient.

My current small project is Sanquhar gloves, similar to these but with a different traditional stitch pattern. The SWRI has patterns for 4 versions of these gloves. I am swatching J&S laceweight. I have done a swatch on 2 mm needles which is too loose for the gloves to fit my narrow hands, so I started another on 1.75 mm (promising!) and I’ve just changed to 1.5 mm. I’ll post photos later.

My other WIPS are socks for me in Opal and 2 Faroese shawls, both from Heartstrings. Pendants is for a friend, and ALF (All-Over Lace Faroese) will probably be for me unless I decide I haven’t time to knit another shawl for an exchange with a May deadline.

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I’ve been busy dyeing sample skeins of cotton. I am trying to match the colours in some source pictures. Once I get them right, I’ll be dyeing the warps for a weaving design workshop. The only(?) problem is that the workshop is on Saturday and I’m still at the sampling stage. If the ones currently ‘cooking’ fill the last few gaps, I’ll dye the actual warps tomorrow and Rys and I will warp up both table looms on Friday. Wish me (no, us) luck!!!!

Anyway, this morning I had a lovely surprise when a small padded envelope dropped through the letter box, and inside were …

gina - mini-socks.jpg

They were handknitted for me by the wonderful Gina, who used to host this blog on her site. they are less than 2″ top to toe. I don’ tknow whether the yarn was handspun and/or home-dyed but neither would surprise me.

Aren’t I lucky?!?