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As promised yesterday, we took the camera with us for this evening’s stroll along the Thames towpath. Unfortunately, we were too late to get good sunset shots, but our digital camera coped fairly well with handling the fading evening light. (All the thumbnails are clickable.)

First we visited the swans:


“Oh, you’ve brought bread!!!”:


“Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it is rude to snatch?”:


“Uh oh, 4 greedy swans is getting too much.” (Yes, I know there are only 2 in the picture, but by now there were 4 who couldn’t wait for me to throw the bread into the water):


And finally, the pictures of the Thames itself:


Coming soon, I hope, more real fibre blogging. At the moment, I’m mostly preocupied with a quilting swap, which needs to stay secret till it is finished. I do have more takadai braids to scan – I hope to get those pictures uploaded here soon.

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… it is so long since I last did an entry …

I know I said this was to be a fibre blog, and I have been doing fibre stuff (honestly!), but life has been too chaotic lately for me to give this blog any priority (sick cat, then sick husband, now sick mother), so here is a picture of Tigs just to prove he isn’t so sick that he can’t relax and chill out. (Click for a bigger version, as usual.)


When we left my mother after visiting for the second time today to cook her some supper, we should have hurried home to cook our own meal, but we decided we needed a half hour stroll along the towpath of the River Thames instead – good for the soul. :-) Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us to catch the sunset over the river, but if we go there again tomorrow we’ll try to remember it. Now I need to cook that dinner …