Filed Under (Dyeing) by jennyk on 23-10-2004

… about keeping my blog up to date, partly because both my current fibre projects are ones I can’t talk about too much here.

One is mittens for an exchange, and I don’t want to risk spoiling the surprise for my exchange partner. I was preparing Shetland fleece but it has been slow going as the fleece has a break just above the base so I’ve been combing each lock to get rid of that part before I can drum card it all.

I’ve finally decided I can’t get that done in time, so yesterday I mordanted a lot of merino top and both bombyx and tussah silk. Today, half of it is in the dye pot cool dyeing. More will be hot dyed tomorrow, and then I’ll do an exhaust bath on Monday. If I get a good enough colour contrast, I will probably do stranded colour work, but if I don’t think the colours will work, I’ll card it all together to spin a heathered yarn and knit a textured pattern.

My other project is weaving samples for a medical research company. I can’t say much more than that, but the first samples are at 120 epi. They are small samples, thank goodness!!!

I probably won’t post more details or pictures of the mitten project till after they reach my partner, and unfortunately I won’t be able to post pictures of the woven samples at all. I do have some workshops coming up though, so I should be able t report on those, at least.