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I need to do a thorough update of these pages (and all my other craft pages), but for now, I have just separated the pictures of socks, scarves and shawls and doilies onto their own pages, leaving everything else here.

minisocks I have been knitting mini-sock Christmas decorations for an internet exchange and a guild challenge. The biggest one is 3" from toe to cuff, which is smaller than my middle finger. The yarn was spun from DHF top, which is lovely stuff to spin, and dyed with food colouring.

Circumnavigated Cardigan I don't have any of my sweaters scanned in yet except for my denim jacket. Although it isn't anything fancy, I really enjoyed knitting it. The design is Medrith Glover's Circumnavigated Cardigan, and it is knitted all in one piece (no seams at all).. The yarn I used is 50% wool, 50% recycled denim. It is really warm and very comfortable to wear.


Medrith also created the infamous Peacock Facecloth (well, adapted it from a very old Workbasket pattern). Here is a variation of it that was discussed on the Knitlist. I've done a few of them - this one is in 2/50 silk which I dyed myself, and is only 5.5" in diameter. If you would like to see a more detailed picture, just click on this one.


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