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I have long been passionately interested in fibre crafts/arts and spent as much time as I can working with fibre and yarn, but lately I have started exploring other arts and crafts, such as ATCs (artists' trading cards), art quilting and polymer clay.. This site is primarily a way to share those interests with my friends, and with any other visitors who stumble across it. It includes pictures and descriptions of my own work, and also links to other sites with Art/craft content. In addition, I will include some other things of interest to me, particularly in the Links section

I am bad at updating this site, so for details of my current work, see my blog. I can also be found on Swap-bot and Flickr.


Braids and bands - (kumihimo, tablet weaving, ply-splitting and more)



Bobbin lace

Miscellaneous crafts


Another great love is my cats, so they have their own page, though they sometimes manage to creep into my blog too.



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