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I started weaving in the spring of 1997 using a 24" Harris 4-shaft table loom (which I hope to convert to 8-shaft soon). That autumn, I acquired a secondhand 8-shaft Glimakra Aktiv countermarche loom. This spring (2001) I added an 8-shaft 16" Louet Kombo to my collection.

Click here for my latest weaving projects, not yet incorporated into this page.

For our 1999 guild challenge (theme "a bag") I wove this counterweight bag to use with my marudai for kumihimo (Japanese braiding). It measures approximately 4.5" by 5.5". I used the Theo Moorman inlay technique to show off the beautiful space-dyed nylon ribbon. The main yarn is 6/2 unbleached cotton, the texture of which sets off the shininess of the ribbon. The tie-down warp is silk sewing thread. For details of the drawstring cord, see my kumihimo page.

For the 2000 challenge (theme "inspired by a picture") I wove a silk scarf, inspired by this photo of lupins from a gardening book, Monty Don's "The Sensuous Garden". I chose to include more purple and lilac shades than in the original picture, as I was also influenced by other pictures of lupins which had more of those shades.

The challenge for 2001 was "something for the table". I had just bought Erica de Ruiter's book "Tejido Huave and Beyond", and I wanted to try out this technique, which is a type of Mexican pick up weave, so I decided to make a Tejido Huave tea-cosy for my challenge project. The motifs are adaptations of Mexican motifs and of some charted in Erica's book. My sample piece was a butterfly, which I made into a card.

I also enjoy taking part in internet exchanges. My squares for the 1998 weaving list lace exchange are in 16/2 mercerised cotton, and the design is dogwood flowers on a Bronson lace ground. The scan is not a very good one - sorry!

My squares for the 1999 lace exchange were Lace Bronson and Spot Bronson, using 20/2 unbleached cotton for warp and weft, and 14/3 terracotta cotton for the contrast yarn.


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