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I enjoy working with fine threads and yarns, so every now and then I get the urge to make doilies, even though I have no real use for them here. Perhaps I will get them framed and hang them on the wall one day. My latest burst of doily knitting was triggered by a doily exchange on a mailing list.

This is my latest, and largest, doily. The pattern is Stor Lysedug, from the Yarn Over site. I started it before but converted it to a smaller doily for the exchange, but I've finally finished the full version, though I changed the crochet edging slightly. I used 16/2 weaving cotton and 1.5 mm needles, and the finished doily is almost 16" across. Click for more detail, in a new window, of the centre and outer ring.

Stor Lysedug

After I sent in my exchange contributions, three of us agreed to knit the same pattern (Burda 554/09 Spinning Star) in 3 sizes. I have knitted the smallest one, in #100 crochet cotton on 0.88 mm needles (between US #00000 and #000000). As you can see, it is about 4" in diameter.

small Spinning Star doily

My three doilies for the exchange itself are all based on patterns from the doilies on the Yarn Over site, and they are all knitted from 16/2 weaving cotton on 1.5 mm needles.

The first one I did was "Liz Snella's Heirloom Doily". This one is 6" in diameter.

Liz Snella's Heirloom Doily

The next one was Fanoedugen, but I stopped the original pattern a few rounds early as the doily was turning out bigger than specified in the exchange guidelines. It ended up as 8.75" diameter.

Fanoedugen - modified

I hadn't intended to do another doily for the exchange, so I started Stor Lysedug for myself, but after about 40 rounds, I decided I did want to send another doily after all. I decided to experiment, taking the part of Stor Lysedug which I had already knitted and developing it in my own way to get another 6" doily. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Stor Lysedug - reduced


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