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Scarves and Shawls

One of my favourite types of knitting is Shetland lace, so here are some examples. The white scarf is the first one I made. It is in Jamieson and Smith 's cobweb wool, and the pattern is from Gladys Amedro's book "Shetland Lace". Since then I've made a few scarves that are my own variations on that pattern. The dark green one was made as a birthday present for my mother. It's in a merino/cashmere blend - so light, so soft!

white lace scarf

green lace scarf

More recently, I've been knitting shawls. One of the first was the Faroese shawl pattern from "a Gathering of Lace" (it is the cover pattern). I made it in jumper weight Shetland yarn,

Faroese shawl


For details of how my Liesel scarf and mitts project was developed, click on the picture below:


I hope to get more shawl pictures up soon.



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