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The sample below has a warp of blue 3-ply cotton, and the weft is silver embroidery thread, and it is an example of the skipped hole technique. The pattern was taken from Candace Crockett's book.

This sample using the Egyptian Diagonals technique to create knotwork patterns is in 10/2 mercerised cotton.

These are the front and back views of bookmarks I wove for an exchange. They are also in 10/2 mercerised cotton, and are my own variation on a threaded-in design from Candace Crockett's book. I like the back as much as the front.

And here is a diagram of the set up I use for tabletweaving.

This is a scan of the clips I have used.

For information about braids, bands and narrow wares of all types, contact the Braid Society. Information about TWIST, the international tablet weavers' organisation, can be found on the Weaver's Hand site.


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