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Möbius Strips

A möbius (or mobius, or moebius) strip is a band with a half twist (not a full twist, though). It has the strange properties that is has only one edge and only one surface. You can find out more about them here or by using a search engine. To check that my strips really are möbius strips, start at one point on the edge or the centre of the surface and follow it around.

The strip above is made by winding a cord into the möbius shape and crossing it with short cords using the PS structure sometimes known as POT. The trickiest part is holding everything in place with only two hands. The one below is made from a single cord. The splittings have to be well apart or too much twist builds up and the whole piece just curls up and dies.

I tried following this up with a single-cord Klein bottle, but I couldn't get the balance right between having a tightly enough twisted cord for the initial splittings to stay in place and having it loose enough to let me put in enough splittings to form a recognisable Klein bottle. I'll probably try it again one day.

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